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Cadroe Murphy

I participate in the virtual world of Second Life as Cadroe Murphy. If you're not familiar with Second Life, it's a persistent, online, 3D, collaborative virtual world whose content is created by its residents. This web site features various projects of mine in Second Life. I sell some popular building tools called ShapeGen and the Lathe. I also make software like Terrain Scultpor for use with Second Life or OpenSim grids. The site includes some of my mapping efforts, as well as pictures of some things I've built in Second Life.


I also have a blog where I post updates about my projects.

Cadroe Lathe

The Cadroe Lathe is a tool for making large curved shapes in Second Life. The user adjusts bezier curves which become the outline of the final shape.

Another popular tool I sell is ShapeGen, which forms large cylinders, spheres and cones.

Terrain Sculptor

Terrain Sculptor is an application that uses a libsl bot to map the terrain of Second Life sims. The terrain can be saved as an image or a sculpty for use in-world.

Update: Version 1.2.1 of Terrain Sculptor is available which fixes a problem with downloading web map images.


One of my longest running interests in Second Life has been mapping the grid and its sims. When I started in Second Life in 2003, there were only a few dozen sims, but since then it's grown to many thousands. One of my mapping efforts was a project called Cartifex, which surveyed the 3D terrain of the entire grid and then rendered it in 3DSMax. Grid Chart was a 2D interactive map, and I made a demo version of a 3D grid viewer. Bailiwick and Terrain Sculptor are both applications which involve maps as well.

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