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Bailiwick Second Life Raw File Editor

Bailiwick Application Window - Click to Enlarge

Bailiwick is a channel editor for the .raw files used by Second Life sim owners to configure their sims. It provides easy access to the 13 channels of the raw files and displays the settings in an intuitive manner. Although Bailiwick doesn't edit sim terrain directly, it does import and export both Terragen terrain files and image files as heightfields. So a sim owner who uses Photoshop or Terragen to edit terrain can bring the terrain data into Bailiwick and use Bailiwick to handle the details of defining parcels, permissions, water height, etc.

Note - Due to a bug in Second Life, the parcels defined in a sim .raw file are NOT transferred to the sim when uploading the .raw file. This is a Second Life issue.


  • Parcels Displayed in Distinct Colors with Terrain
  • Water is Automatically Visible
  • Import and Export Terragen Files
  • Import and Export Heightfield Images (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Snap to Grid for Parcel Settings
  • Automatic Conversion between Terrain Scale and "Multiplier"
  • Area of Selected Region Displayed Automatically


Bailiwick is a desktop application which requires .NET 2.0. Unzip to install.

Download Bailiwick 1.2

Bailiwick instructions are available on the web. Click here.

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