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Terrain Sculptor

Terrain Sculptor is an application which maps the terrain of sims in Second Life or OpenSim grids and generates sculpty textures for them. The tool uses the libsecondlife client to log in an avatar to retrieve the terrain data. It also downloads the world-map image of a sim so that it can be used as a texture. The elevation data can be saved seperately as a binary dump or as a grayscale image. The process typically takes only a few seconds after logging in and the files are saved automatically.

Update: Version 1.2.1 of Terrain Sculptor is now available. This version fixes a problem with downloading web map images. The problem was caused when Linden Lab changed the format for retrieving the images without advance notice.


Terrain Sculptor 1.2.1 was written for .NET 2.0.
Download Terrain Sculptor 1.2.1.
Download source code and VS C# 2008 project files.

In this picture multiple sculpties of sim terrain have been combined into a 3D map of Otherland.

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