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Cadroe Lathe Building Tool for Second Life

The Cadroe Lathe allows you to construct a large shape merely by defining the curve of its outline. You create the outline by adjusting the handles of a bezier curve, familiar to users of Photoshop, and a preview of the outline is generated for you immediately. The Lathe then creates the shape by rezzing and combining box prims. The Lathe is ideal for creating shapes such as the onion dome of the Taj Mahal, a giant champagne glass, or any shape with a smooth curve, including the cottage roof to the left.


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Demonstration and Instructions

Below is a demonstration of the Lathe being used to create a dome. You can follow the steps, seeing the effects and the commands issued. Click here for detailed instructions.


Here I have dragged the Lathe in-world out of my inventory, placing it at the center of the shape to be created. Then I said "/77 controls" to rez the control handles. They are the colored cones.

Preview Curve

Next I set the number of vertical segments:
"/77 segments 24"
Then I rezzed the preview curve:
"/77 rez"
Next I changed the texture of the blocks. I found the texture in my inventory, right-clicked on it and selected Copy Asset UUID. Then I pasted it into this command:
"/77 texture a48469b3-e897-9715-2b41-2468ade41122".

Adjusting Curve

Now I moved the control handles and adjusted the preview curve until I got the shape I wanted. Each time I adjusted the control handles, I said "/77 curve" to have the preview curve updated. I also changed the thickness:
"/77 thickness .04".

Generating Shape

Finally, I generated the shape:
"/77 lathe".
The Lathe deleted the preview curve and generated the final shape layer by layer.


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