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ShapeGen Building Tool for Second Life

ShapeGen is an automated building tool for use in Second Life. ShapeGen constructs cylinders, cones and spheres larger than 10 meters by rezzing and combining box prims. Settings for cylinders are updated on the fly as you watch, allowing you to adjust your design in place. Full instructions are included in a note card inside the tool, including directions to change the creator of the generated shapes to your name.


For Sale at XStreet SL Marketplace for L$100


  • Large Shapes - Construct cylinders, cones and spheres up to 200 meters in diameter
  • Adjustable Smoothness - Create a hard shape like an octagon or a smooth circle, depending on the number of prims
  • Textures - Set different textures, color and alpha for each side of the shape
  • Discs - Create a large circular surface by automatically generating concentric cylinders
  • Rotation - Automatically rotate the finished shape around the z axis by a specified amount
  • Slices - ShapeGen can generate certain portion of a cylinder only, e.g. slices of a pie
  • Width Override - ShapeGen can make the blocks a fixed width rather than aligning their edges

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